Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting Started

An inaugural post.
I've taken the plunge and entered the world of blogging. I've regularly read cycling and tri blogs for a while. The provide continuous motivation, entertainment and windows into other peoples adventures in sport.

My goal with this blog is to share some of my training, cycling and tri/duathlon experiences with the larger community and give myself a chance to reflect on life while the spokes spin.

Quick background on me (till I get my profile setup).
Enthusiastic noob cyclist. Have always loved to move on two wheels. In the last two years my craving for road cycling has gone through the roof.

Entered the world of duathlons this past summer (mostly because my swimming is weak!) but managed an initial tri-a-tri without drowning! More on adventures in swimming later.
Joined a triathlon class last winter for weekly brick workouts - great coach who pushed us to the wall! Thanks Mikey. We're starting up our indoor workouts again as it gets colder.

Indoor rides on the trainer begin. Plan to take part in great charity ride next fall across Canada. Details to come. Let the hours of indoor training begin! I'm thinking of trying a set of rollers for a different feel. Hopefully doesnt result in too many adventures!

That's it for now.